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This is great, but it takes forever!

If you can afford some hard disk space (you'll need about 20 megabytes free),we can make this thing lightening fast.

In techie terms, I've created a downloadable, self-extracting archive of the site which expands into one self-contained directory tree and takes up about 7 Meg. When you're done, you can delete the entire site by deleting the parent directory "AIDSRide".

If that didn't make any sense to you, fear not! Follow these simple instructions and you'll be all set.

  1. Download the whole site by clicking here.
  2. You'll be prompted to open the file or save it. Save it.
  3. You'll be asked for a directory to save it to. Choose someplace you can remember and preferably temporary, like C:\Temp and click "Save."
  4. The download will start. Go have dinner or catch up on email. When it's done, you'll have a new file called "AIDSRide.exe" in the directory you choose (e.g. C:\Temp)
  5. Execute the downloaded file, "AIDSRide.exe," by clicking on the Windows "Start" menu, choosing "Run" and typing in the full path to the file (e.g. "C:\Temp\AIDSRide.exe" and clicking "OK."
  6. You will be prompted on where you'd like to save the site. The default is "C:\Temp\AIDSRide". Click "Unzip" to create the site.

    Congratulations! You have the site on your hard disk to view any time! Click "Close" to end the program.

  7. To view the site, open the directory (using Windows Explorer) where it was saved (e.g. "C:\Temp\AIDSRide") and double click on "index.html"
  8. When you're done viewing the site and showing it to all of your friends, you can delete the whole thing by deleting the directory where is was saved (e.g. C:\Temp\AIDSRide)

If your connection is fast enough, return to the home page ("Ride Home") and start clicking "-> LA"! Enjoy!

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