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From June 6th to June 12th, 1999, I did the California AIDS ride. Under power of food, water and Cliff Bars, I pedaled 574 miles from Ft. Mason in San Francisco to Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

This was an amazing event involving almost 3000 riders and 700 volunteer crew. Adults from 17 to 70, of all shapes, sizes and ability levels pedaled as hard as they could for seven days, all to help those with AIDS. On purpose, we became a community and I was proud to be part of it.

This web site serves as a journal of my adventure and is dedicated to all those who sponsored and supported me in the ride. THANK YOU!!

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The site is broken up into days, with pictures from every day. Every page on the site has buttons to go forward (towards LA), backwards (towards SF), and come to this page ("Ride Home"). I suggest stretching your browswer window to the maximum height so you won't have to scroll down as much.

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