Too Slow?


This ride was special to me in so many ways. One of the most significant was the level of support I received. I want to acknowledge each and every individual who sponsored and/or supported me in this ride.

Training buddies who helped me get my butt in gear:

Kacey Fitzpatrick
Lee Damico
Debbie Beattie
Dave Dean
Sanborn Hodjkins
Karina Stoltz
Rene LaCerte
Jenny Morgenthaler

Sponsors who helped me raise over $13,500! Chief among them was my company, Intuit and Scott Cook, who together matched every dollar donated by another Intuit employee. Amazing. Equally amazing was the number of individuals who stepped up to support this cause at such an impressive level. Here they are:

Amy Guthrie
Karl Berry
Amy Lauterbach
Kathy & Kevin Cantwell
Andrea Julian
Kathy Kuplis
Ann Mei Chang
Kirby Freeman
Anne Loomis
Kirk Andrews
Barbara Bane
Lee Damico
Bennet Marks
Leo Redmond
Bill Campbell
Leslie Porter
Brant Barker
Liz Yager
Cary Masatsugu
Lori Williamson
Carol Lewandowski
Lynn Favor
Catherine Fisse
Mark & Linda Cantwell
Charlene Shenk
Nisha Zenoff
Cherril Landwehr
Noah Shaffer
Christian Knuetter
Norm Mugleston
CJ Blankenship
Pat Burbank
Craig Carlson
Paul English
Dan Nye
Poul & Inger Oxfeldt
David Hibbard
Riette Mugleston
Drew Paxton
Rob Bonner
Ed Ruder
Robert Sage
George Jaquette
Robin Kennedy
Glo Cantwell
Russell Hill
Grace Pariante
Sally Burkstaller
H Barker
Sanborn Hodgkins
Hugh Molotsi
Sanjeev Kriplani
Jacint Tacmacter
Scott Pofcher
Janet Osimo
Sharon Goldau
Janet Taddeo
Steve Cammarata
Jeanne Dailey
Susan Doherty
Jeff Larsen
Suzanne Visor
Jennifer Krauel
Sylvia Acevedo
Jill Vanoncini
Ted Patton
Jim Cole
Terrie Rayl
Jim Heeger
Tim Teichman
Joe Mahoney
Yvonne Moise
John Boutell

Folks who helped me make this site what it is:

Karl Berry
Brett Olah
Catherine Fisse
Rene LaCerte
Glo Cantwell
Carol Corcoran
Richard Lau
Traci Knaggs
Ann Mei Chang
Erika Tingey

That's it. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

And, yes, I will ride again next year (and hitting you up for sponsorship)!

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